26 02 2009

There is something happening at Kroger that will affect the whole entire rest of my life forever and ever and things will never be the same ever as long as I live foreverevereverevereverever. Country Club Ice Cream has a “CLOSEOUT” sticker under the price tag. That means that my VERY FAVORITE ice cream IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD is going out of stock. At least in Owensboro. And I’m pretty sure closeout means it’s going to be gone at every Kroger. In middle school and high school Amanda and I would come home and eat a cup of ice cream. Then after dinner, we’d eat another cup of ice cream…and we hardly ever gained weight while on this ice cream regimen. I attribute that to Country Club Ice Cream.
Actually, we should’ve gained weight because ice cream is not healthy and it has saturated fat in it. BUT look, 2 grams of FIBER! AND 2 grams of PROTEIN! I feel like I have to believe that ice cream isn’t “empty calories” because it is my favorite food, but really, it’s empty calories.

So tonight I bought 2 half gallons. And the next time you’re at Kroger you should buy some and then write Kroger product request that Country Club CANNOT be discontinued.



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27 02 2009

worst thing ever

2 03 2009

This blog cracked me up! But I will say it is quite the travesty that Country Club will be no more. I am going to every Kroger in Lexington to try and find some.

3 03 2009

I bought 3 half gallons last night at one kroger and plan on going to the other kroger by my house tonight. You know it is so sad. What’s funny is that I don’t eat this nearly as much as you all, but I am just as panicked.


5 07 2009

I was searching for Country Club Ice Cream and stumbled across this blog. I’ve never commented before on a stranger’s site, but weird as it sounds, this is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. I too have been enjoying this ice cream since I was a young girl, and I am so disappointed they’ve discontinued it. The Kroger rep said they were replacing it with their “Value” brand, and it is SO not the same. Believe me, I’ve tried it. I thought it was especially funny about Anthony eating it without milk since that truly is the only way to eat it! Anyway, just thought I would commiserate with fellow CCIC lovers.

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