31 03 2009

This is Annabelle, welcoming you to the Birthday Weekends blog post. She hung out on my couch a little bit during birthday weekend. She cute. She fine. (name that quote. here’s a clue: MTV)

This is Macaroni (giraffe) and the elephant who doesn’t have a name yet. The Elephant is Maddie’s birthday present. Amanda is a crochet genius.

I made an apple pie. I only took one bite- the apples were weird. Everyone else said the apples weren’t weird but I thought they were. Making pie crust is fun..not scary!

Amanda gave me a crochet lesson. I have a braid in my hair-inspired by twister Manda. (twister, get it “twin sister” nerdy, I know)

This weekend: Maddie’s birthday party! Here is Lena all pumped up about her Leapster and Maddie chilling in her cutie watermelon shirt.

Lena…concentration. She is wearing her Halloween costume over her Sunday Best. Preshi+++


I just saw a movie preview for a Disney movie with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift as the actresses. Dream.come.true.

Guess what? I have an interview next Wednesday. =)

PS: I was given ~7 boxes of fabric this weekend. Tereza and I sifted through it all and consolidated to two big boxes of fabric. Jen’s grandma gave it to me- sweeeeeeeet grandma Faye.

PPS: We are in Louisville looking for a place to live. All I have to say is I wish people valued cleanliness like we do. There is something out there, we know it!


Next Quiltio

26 03 2009

I’m going to make a quilt based off the picture Amanda painted me. She is so talented and prettay. I might add some more green as I go and MAYBE some black polka dots but we’ll

I want to base it off this style. Strips made into squares…random pattern….easy peesy? And I want to quilt it like http://myauntjune.blogspot.com/2008/12/one-of-those-posts.html this girl quilts. How neat-o. http://myauntjune.blogspot.com/2008/10/best-laid-plans.html another example of her handiwork. yippie! We have to finish wedding thank you’s before I start but I’m feeling motivated…tomorrow.

2 more days til SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birthday Weekend + pictures

25 03 2009

We had a fun b-day weekend. At Bible Study on Sunday night I got to wear a mask and birthday cone hat. This made me very happy =)

Amanda painted me pretty pictures. She has one at home like this and I think one time I told her I wanted it.

Mom got this cutie little basket from Target, it’s Orla Kiely.and it’s preshi.

Sweet Becky Wells randomly sent me fabric! When I got the mail I opened it immediately and talked non-stop for ~30 minutes about how sweet it was for someone to randomly send me fabric!

Tereza provided me with some embroidery supplies so I got to work….Matthew helped!! HAHA. The LONG needle is right in the middle…can you see it? Embroidery is so relaxing and easy!
And that’s it for pictures tonight! I feel like sewing tonight but as I look at the sink full of dishes I know that I probably won’t do anything. I did find a really cute quilt pattern today (ZIG ZAG QUILT) and the lovely thing is that there is no triangle piecing!! Not that I’m scared to triangle piece, but I like the basics, ya know?! I want to cut into the fabric I got for Christmas….I’m so lame, I’ve only cut out just a teenytiny bit of 15 yards of fabric! That’s how scared I am to cut into yardage. It can’t be explained, just a weird thing some people experience!

Matt just called me and when he gets home we are going to eat leftover ICE CREAM CAKE. Diddlydooo I can’t wait!!!


16 03 2009

My Matty brought me a flower from the arrangement at church. Every week there is a beautiful arrangement of flowers in front of the pulpit and they are ALWAYS perfect.
It is displayed on our table in one of Matt’s many Coca-Cola bottles. This particular glass bottle is from Peru.

Have a happy week!


15 03 2009

Amanda told me I should make Rachel Ray’s Lasagna Stoup (Stew/Soup). I had all the ingredients on hand so I made it! Here it is boiling away. Some of the stewed tomatoes are really big. I usually cut those smaller but my scissors had raw meat on them. (Rachel Ray Stoup in a Rachel Ray Stock Pot…nice)–>

Next on the list…I am making a mini-wall-quilt. They pop up on etsy.com sometimes and I loveeeeee them. It’s a quick way to decorate (kinda) and it is fun. And I got to use scraps from AMH.love.

For Maddie’s b-day I made her a shirt. I mean, I appliqued a watermelon on a shirt I bought at Kohls. Her and Lena will both fit into it…they are 18 months apart and the same size 🙂 (Lena is a bit taller but they weigh almost the same) The watermelon was Matt’s idea..so was the embroidery…and he picked out the fabric. Today he said he is a “closet sewer” though he has never sewn a stitch (to my knowledge!)

My birthday is in 8 days.!!!!!!!!! I made Amanda something but it’s a secret so I can’t show it yet. YAY!

RD Day

11 03 2009

I’m an intern in dietetics. Tomorrow is RD Day. I felt like I should thank the RD’s who have taught me so much so I made brownies and cards =) Amanda wants to see and I’m sure you do too….
Some are colored with crayons and markers, others have sewn words. So professional, I know!
I made Matthew a Valentine’s Day card back in February. He was super impressed-what a sweetie.
We rearranged our bedroom. It’s purdy
Matt and I went on a walk tomorrow and we saw DAFFODILS. It’s almost spring 🙂

no sewing…..

9 03 2009

Sorry (Jaime) that there hasn’t been much posting over here. I’m almost finished with this rotation at the hospital and I have a LOT of work to finish. I am currently making a power point about protein. Then have like 10 other things to finish! Sewing has been put on hold-and will probably stay on hold until our wedding thank you’s are finished (AHHH…8 months and still not done!) Spring Break is coming at the end of the month and that will probably restart my sewing 🙂 I can’t wait!!!!!! Tereza has been showing me all her pretty pretty projects and so has Kourtney and I feel sad when I can’t sew.

This weekend Matthew and I went to a WKU baseball game with one of the teachers at his school and it was a BEAUTIFUL day. Our noses got sunburnt! And we got to see Chel and Tim and RILEY, their sweet doggie who let’s me hold her even though she is 40+ lbs. I miss Bowling Green!

Also, I’m on the job hunt! It’s exciting…there are openings in Louisville so say a prayer for that. June=Louisville =)