New dress

22 05 2009

This is my new blog.  I departed from having a blog with my twin sis because it was confusing and I like WordPress.  Matt has a WordPress blog and he converted me over!  He is also my technical genius and helps me figure out computer issues.  Amanda might be guest blogging every now and then, like when she starts using all the sewing skills I taught her.  “Pi” might be a temporary name for the blog.  My initials are TT, written together = the pi sign. 

pi = 3.14159265. and that is all I know about pi.

Hanging out in the kitchen with the new dress

Hanging out in the kitchen with the new dress

Our fridge is boring as is the rest of our apartment.  We started packing our belongings WAY too early and now we have no exciting decorations and lots of things are already in boxes.

The back of the dress is a little funky with the darts, I'm working on fixing it

The back of the dress is a little funky with the darts, I'm working on fixing it

I used the same pattern for this dress as the shirts.  It is really easy and comfortable.  Putting the zipper in totally slipped my mind- oops.  The darts in the back are really weird.  (Amanda, Jaime, Mom: I put a dart in it (two, actually) and I don’t like them.)  Should I take the darts out or make them a little shorter?  I don’t know if they are necessary but I hate ripping stitches (and I misplaced my seam ripper!)

New T's from Hobby Lobby

New T's from Hobby Lobby

The past year I was able to help out with the middle schoolers at church on Wednesday nights.  Middle school is such an awkward age!!!!  It was fun, but since we are moving to Louisville, I can no longer help.  This Wednesday we had ice cream and the kids wrote their goodbye’s on the white board.  One boy said I was a “beastly person” and I’m told that is a compliment!?  Matt and I have learned many new words and phrases from the youth, the are crazy!  They also gave me a sweet Hobby Lobby gift card =)  And that is how I have new fabric and new T’s…and there is still more to come!   The small T was just a cardboard letter but I added a little batting and covered it with fabric.  Isn’t that fabric CUTE?!  It is from my cousin’s grandma’s stash of fabric she gave to me.  There are 2 boxes full of fabric, condensed from 7 boxes.

That’s all for now.  We have a big fun weekend ahead of us!  Dinner and bowling tomorrow night, wedding Saturday, last Sunday at church in Owensboro, and a goodbye lunch with our Sunday School class.  Bittersweet!!

(Not sure why wordpress thinks I’m blogging at 3:51am…)




6 responses

22 05 2009

1. love the dress.
2. i don’t think the zipper is necessary.
3. you and your bowed legs are so cute.
4. that was so sweet of them to give you that gift card- so perfect and thoughtful!!
5. cannot wait till next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22 05 2009

i love this! i want to make one too. where can i find that pattern!?

22 05 2009

Love the dress can’t wait for you to get here. I’m goign to keep you busy sewing for me 🙂 Love you!

22 05 2009

You must have a really cool cousin’s grandma 🙂

2 06 2009

I’d really like to make this dress, too. What is the pattern number?

3 06 2009

Simplicity 3835 view C made with the dress length- I forgot the zipper!

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