23 05 2009

Whatever was going on with my machine while quilting is now fixed!  I did a lot of different things- 1) Changed the needle plate in case it has spurs thinning out the thread 2) changed to Gutterman thread 3) oiled the whole machine 4) changed the tension to right under 5 instead of right over 5) cleaned out the bobbin case (there was nothing in there) 6) kissed it.  One of those 6 things made my machine able to quilt without breaking thread!

Last night, we went bowling with some friends.  It was sooooo much fun.  My grandma used to bowl on a league and it brought back memories from going to play with her.  I obviously didn’t pick up on her techniques since I scored 106 and 48.  106 is pretty good but I think it was just luck?  Matt is a really good bowler- it was out first time bowling together- he’s cute.  And we witnessed our friend Wes score his first game over 200.  I would consider him a bowling pro.




4 responses

25 05 2009

i’m just giving you a comment cause i know you like ’em! i lub you

25 05 2009
Wesley Dunn

I am liking the new page, but I have to be honest…I miss the old title!

25 05 2009

haha wes

25 09 2011

your blog is just so sugary cute! looooved the whole blog…so yes add on to it when you can and only when you can ;0) you are a blessed family and you are a blessed individual!

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