3 06 2009

Hey Friends!  I haven’t blogged in a little while because Matthew and I moved to Louisville this weekend!!  We just got our internet set up yesterday.  And our A/C window units were installed today….thankfully!!!  It’s been a hot few days without AC!  We have an attic fan but when it’s 90 outside, cool air doesn’t exist.  Well, we are happy in our new home!  I’ll show pictures later and I’ll start sewing again next week in the new sewing room.

This Friday I take the Dietetic Registration Exam and if I don’t pass, I can’t start work, so I won’t be blogging anything for that reason!  Hopefully next time I blog I can write Tara Thomas, RD, LD.  Until then, say a prayer for me.  I’ve been studying!!  I also have a job, in case you didn’t find out otherwise. =)  I start Monday as long as I pass this test!

We’re going to South Carolina this weekend to celebrate Mema’s life.  She passed away last Monday night and we are going to miss her so much.  Mema is Matthew’s Great-Grandma and she was REALLY Great.  We are excited to see the Thomas family and hear even more great Mema stories.

Have a great weekend, we’ll see y’all when we return!!




4 responses

3 06 2009

i knewd all that.

3 06 2009

Have a safe trip and remember Mema.

Maybe when you get back and after you pass your test (which I know you will), you can blog about the beautiful black and white fabric that I got you to make my little guest bed quilt with.

And yay for A/C!

3 06 2009

I am honored to be on your blog roll! I need to add you to mine asap.
Congrats on the job and exciting new life! I’m sure you will do great on that test. I talked to Lauren the other day and she told me how she was relaying parts of my life to you, but you already knew from the blog. That made me smile. I’m so glad we can by friends on the internets even though we live so far away!

4 06 2009
Matt Thomas

you’re gonna eat up that test like it’s candy!

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