13 07 2009

This is the post where I tell you how I make my guacamole.  I got the recipe from the Oprah Magazine and then altered it to my taste buds which means I took out the onion, cilantro, and garlic. =)  For a class in college I had to do a food demonstration and I chose to make guacamole.  I have a really pretty color coordinated recipe that I printed out for the class that I wish I could share with you!  Instead, I took picture (sooo Pioneer Woman) and will explain the steps.  This will also help me be able to find my recipe quicker since all my recipes are in a stack of paper in the front of a cook book very unorganized (anyone want to fix it?)

Here’s the recipe:

4 avocados

1 tomato

1 jalapeno

Juice of 1 lime

1 T ground cumin (T=tablespoon)

1 t salt (t=teaspoon)

Pinch of pepper


OK, let’s start with the grocery store.  Pick avocados that are almost all the way purple but have a little green to them, rather firm if you’re planning on waiting a few days to use them or just a LITTLE squishy if you’re using them today.   Get a small tomato and a regular ol’ jalapeno.  Instead of a fresh lime I like to use lime juice since it lasts a lot longer.  Ground cumin is found in the spices aisle and isn’t really cheap but it goes a long way.

Removing the pit

Now, wash your fruits/veggies because you don’t know who touched them in the store.  Then cut the avocado lenghtwish all the way to the seed.  Open up the two halves by twisting.  To remove the seed, slam your knife straight into the center (be careful!)  Then twist the knife and the seed should come out.

Scopping out the center

Scoop out the green flesh with a spoon- you can scoop all the way to the skin without the skin breaking.

Mashing with fork

Now smash the avocado with a fork so it stays clumpy.

Taking out the center of the tomato

On to the tomato:  cut it in half, then in half again and again and again until you get something that looks like that one in the picture.  Cut the juicy seeds out because those make the guacamole too juicy.  Dice the tomato and add it to the avocado.

Adding lime juice

Then add the lime juice.  I use 2-3 T of the juice from the bottle if I’m not using a real lime.  Also add the cumin, salt and pepper now, too.

Hot sauce because I forgot to buy a jalapeno

And since I forgot to buy a jalapeno =( we had to use hot sauce in this batch.  I love jalapeno way more than hot sauce but this works.  If you have a jalapeno, you can remove the seeds to remove a lot of the heat or you can keep half the seeds or you can keep ALL the seeds!  I can never do that because Matthew has acid reflux and his throat hates really hot things.  Dice the jalapeno REALLY SMALL.  Stir it up really, really good

Taste it with a chip.  Add whatever you think is missing.  I usually add more cumin.  Some people think that adding the seed to the guac keeps it from spoiling faster but that has never helped me.  To store it, I use tupperware and cover the surface with plastic wrap and then cover the bowl with aluminum foil and then put the lid on.  It helps the top from going brown so fast.  I don’t mind eating brown gaucamole but Matt hates it!!  We’re having our friends Patrick and Hannah over for dinner and I’m going to make some…hope you all like it 🙂  Hannah has just learned how to sew!! YAY!


Sewing updates

8 07 2009

the sewing room

Since we’ve moved, I got a new sewing area!  It is much bigger and better than the corner of the guest bedroom in Owensboro.  It’s in the sunroom which gets really hot during the day but it is very well lit!


For our 1 yr anniversary I made a photo album of “hands” pictures.  Every year on our anniversary we will take a new picture and watch our hands age! (this was stolen straight from Chelsea’s 1 yr anniversary present to Tim. hahhahaha thanks Chelly!)  I already had the photo album but I made the little polka dot cover and embroidered the letters on.  Easy peesy.  (The fabric is from the Cake Rock Beach line by Joelle Hoverson of the purl bee.)

lampy lamp

Our lamp shades were $5 from Wal-Mart!!  I spruced the up a bit with some Anna Maria Horner Garden Party fabric.  It’s so beautiful.

dressy dressAnd the project I finished today is another dress!  The fabric is from Hobby Lobby clearance- $2/yd.  The pattern is Simplicity 3538 minus the sleeves and plus an elastic waist, elastic arm holes, and pockets.  It was a pretty good challenge!!  Matt’s grandma helped me put in the pockets.  The armholes without the elastic were way too big because they are made to have sleeves.  Since I left the sleeves out, there was a lot of extra room.  That’s where we decided to try elastic!  It worked really well.  The I tried the dress on and it was really super baggy so I put some elastic in the waist and TA-DA, my dress fits 🙂  Matthew and I are going to Indianapolis, IN for our 1 yr anniversary this weekend so I’ll probably wear it to dinner and feel really special.

There are two more blog posts coming soon.  1) how I make guacamole and 2) the apt. tour also found on facebook.  But now I have to go to bed so I’ll be able to wake up for my big girl job.  Night night.