Jaime’s Guest Bedroom Suite

21 09 2009

My sister, Jaime, somehow talked me into making her a quilt and pillow shams (umm, and cover a lamp shade, make curtain tie backs and some other stuff.)

Quilt FrontThis is the quilt front- it’s totally random.  I kinda wish I would’ve made more of a pattern to this- it’s almost too random.  It is sitting on the end of her bed so the pattern isn’t what matters!

Quilt Back

This is the back.  The little surprise in the middle in my favorite Anna Maria Horner fabric.  Matt asked why it wasn’t centered, haha.  The quilting is just lines on the seam- it was pretty tedious and I probably won’t do that again.


The binding is preshi stripes.  All the fabric is from JoAnn Fabrics.

Squares sham

This is one of the shams…4 inch squares…

Stripe Sham

And the other shame…more strips…

Back of shamAnd the back of the shams are both the same.  I’m not going to show you how they close because it is ugly.


Ans this is our sweet Johnny boy being acrobatic.  He crazy.

No other news.  I visited Nashy this weekend and had a lot of fun.  Now it’s back to work and hanging with my hubs.  Off to get a back rub 🙂