kitty cat

1 10 2009

Preshi cake.  I don’t like cake but I WILL make this for the next cake I make.  Wouldn’t this be a hilarious birthday surprise?!  I’m not good enough to keep a surprise so cute.  Or maybe I am…

Free patterns from STC Craft.

I’m currently watching my cat sleep right next to me.  He is purring really loud and his bottom lip is quivering while I can see his purr-box vibrate his neck.  If my camera was near I would video tape this to show y’all but it isn’t close!  It would make you want to steal my Johnny cat. ….  I just grabbed the camera so you could hear his LOUD purr.  It is so cute.  Sorry the video is upside down, I’m not very camera savvy.

Hope it works 🙂  Glamour shots

Johnny was trying to catch a bug on the wall.


snug as a bug in a rug

Matt rolls John up in a blanket – it’s pretty cute and funny but then I start feeling really bad for our baby.

super loveA good nap!

This whole post was about our cat.  I just can’t get over how cute he is.

Happy October 1st!

Happy Birthday month, MOM!  Big 5-0!




2 responses

2 10 2009

Umm, I love him and his little (or BIG) purr and his yawn and his cute face that says “hi mom, why are you videotaping me?” I might eat him too!

9 12 2009
Jenny Mahon

The purring video made me very happy. I LOVE that sound.

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