18 12 2010

i should start off with this: I HATE SURPRISES!!!  i especially hate when i know a surprise is coming and i can’t know what it is….christmas presents in particular.  i’m also very good at guessing gifts with a few vague hints.  also, this is the first year i haven’t snuck into christmas presents at my mom’s house (hello…i’m 24, that’s lame!)  so a few weeks ago matthew showed me my wrapped gift- i analyzed the boxes sitting on the dresser and told him to put them in the top of the closet where i can’t reach them.  he told me i wasn’t allowed to look at the bank account and i didn’t.  i wasn’t allowed to ask questions either.

so i know these few things, after looking at the boxes i knew one was a rectangular box, one was flat, and one was long and it didn’t look like a box.  i saw the color of the store bag (grayish blue silver).  tereza told me it wasn’t for sewing.  and matt told me you can count the letters of the gift with 2 hands (so less then 10 letters).  i also knew it didn’t use AA batteries (random, yes).

matthew has randomly said “do you want your christmas present now” and i usually say YESSSSSSS PLEASE.  but he says no.  so last night i told him i know what it is.  to this he replies “it’s not an iphone”.  so my initial guess was out.   i thought they were the iphone, a case, and something else.  so i though harder and bugged my poor husband until i KNEW i had the right guess.  i started feeling really bad for trying to guess my gift so i waited for about 20 minutes to tell him my guess (bickering the whole time!).  i finally said my guess: a camera, a memory card and a battery.  matthew screms “HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!” and runs and jumps on the bed, the bed hits and breaks a vase from our wedding that was full of rice and flowers, and he screams.  so i guess i was right 🙂 (partially, there was a camera case instead of a battery- duh, the battery comes with the camera!)  we had to clean up the broken glass and rice that got allllll over the floor before matthew let me open the gift.  it’s a little black kodak point and shoot and i LOVE it.  we’re both terrible picture-takers and this camera, no matter the lighting, takes beautiful pictures (in my opinion, i’m not very photo-educated 🙂

i wish i could share some pictures from last night but the software won’t download onto the computer right.  so you’ll have to wait!  i took a panoramic picture of all our rooms in the house and it’s like the most exciting thing ever, i’m very easily entertained!  so let’s say a big thank you to my hubby for finding a super door-buster from best buy and shopping without a list and picking out the perfect christmas present 🙂  and for not killing me when i guessed the gift and had to open it a week early!  it’s just a special to me today as it would have been next week!




4 responses

18 12 2010
Matthew C. Thomas

stinker! 😉

19 12 2010
Tereza Peercy

you turd 🙂

20 12 2010

Haha, I love that you HAVE to know your present. I haven’t finished shopping for you so you CAN’T know what I got you.

And yay on the camera! Does it even take good photos in low light?

20 12 2010

YES! It’s wonderful! the buttons are so simple, i love it.

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