7 12 2010

maybe this year i’ll write on my blog one more time =)   I’ll share a few pictures of things i’ve sewn/grown this year:

chevron curtains a la MADE that hang in our bathroom.  it matched the shower curtain perfectly.  fabric is from the clearance table at hancock fabrics- $2!

in september my sister and i went to a workshop in nashville hosted by Anna Maria Horner.  we made the proper attire skirt and learned many tricks from AMH and her sewing buddy, Alexia Abegg– they are wonderful ladies!  fabric is AMH’s from the good folks line

in September i also finished this dress from a Butterick pattern.  it was a nightmare to make (started it in april, finished it 5 months later)!  the pattern was difficult to read and something went wrong with the lining.  anyway, it looks OK with a cardigan over it!  fabric from joanns

in february i promised my baby cousin a quilt for her new big girl bed, finally in september i finished it (see a pattern here)!  why am i so slow at sewing quilts?  it’s the reason why i’m not currently making one!  fabric from hobby lobby

cowl by Jane Richmond from ravelry.  a friend i grew up with hosted knit night a few mondays this year and i worked on this project.  it’s unfortunate that the cowl doesn’t look like the actual pattern, surely i did something wrong!  i have on idea what yarn or needle i used- it was the very first knitting project i’ve ever finished and i don’t know all the knitting lingo

ZINNIAS!  we grew some flowers this summer in the side yard- they were so gorgeous.  everytime i cut some down and put in a vase, johnny cat would knock them over and spill water everywhere, that little turd.

garden minus the squash and zucchini, those died early.  the corn was a bust.  the tomatoes were overflowing through october, it was crazy.


a felt flower hair clip that i made for amanda for christmas…don’t worry, she has already seen it and i’ve already worn it for her


little rings given away at the sojourn women’s gift exchange


a december turkey, free from work! 🙂


this years christmas tree, yes, it is crooked.but perfect.

2010 has been a good year.  we bought a house, we paid off all our student loans, matthew finished more classes at SBTS, johnny got cuter, the sewing room was used a lot, we made new friends, enjoyed old friend, visited family, vacationed, welcomed lots of sweet babies into the world (friends babies, not our babies!), i took a wonderful new job.  we have been so thankful for it all, but most of all for the love and grace the Lord has shown us all year.  yay for getting to celebrate jesus’ birth!


kitty cat

1 10 2009

Preshi cake.  I don’t like cake but I WILL make this for the next cake I make.  Wouldn’t this be a hilarious birthday surprise?!  I’m not good enough to keep a surprise so cute.  Or maybe I am…

Free patterns from STC Craft.

I’m currently watching my cat sleep right next to me.  He is purring really loud and his bottom lip is quivering while I can see his purr-box vibrate his neck.  If my camera was near I would video tape this to show y’all but it isn’t close!  It would make you want to steal my Johnny cat. ….  I just grabbed the camera so you could hear his LOUD purr.  It is so cute.  Sorry the video is upside down, I’m not very camera savvy.

Hope it works 🙂  Glamour shots

Johnny was trying to catch a bug on the wall.


snug as a bug in a rug

Matt rolls John up in a blanket – it’s pretty cute and funny but then I start feeling really bad for our baby.

super loveA good nap!

This whole post was about our cat.  I just can’t get over how cute he is.

Happy October 1st!

Happy Birthday month, MOM!  Big 5-0!

Sewing updates

8 07 2009

the sewing room

Since we’ve moved, I got a new sewing area!  It is much bigger and better than the corner of the guest bedroom in Owensboro.  It’s in the sunroom which gets really hot during the day but it is very well lit!


For our 1 yr anniversary I made a photo album of “hands” pictures.  Every year on our anniversary we will take a new picture and watch our hands age! (this was stolen straight from Chelsea’s 1 yr anniversary present to Tim. hahhahaha thanks Chelly!)  I already had the photo album but I made the little polka dot cover and embroidered the letters on.  Easy peesy.  (The fabric is from the Cake Rock Beach line by Joelle Hoverson of the purl bee.)

lampy lamp

Our lamp shades were $5 from Wal-Mart!!  I spruced the up a bit with some Anna Maria Horner Garden Party fabric.  It’s so beautiful.

dressy dressAnd the project I finished today is another dress!  The fabric is from Hobby Lobby clearance- $2/yd.  The pattern is Simplicity 3538 minus the sleeves and plus an elastic waist, elastic arm holes, and pockets.  It was a pretty good challenge!!  Matt’s grandma helped me put in the pockets.  The armholes without the elastic were way too big because they are made to have sleeves.  Since I left the sleeves out, there was a lot of extra room.  That’s where we decided to try elastic!  It worked really well.  The I tried the dress on and it was really super baggy so I put some elastic in the waist and TA-DA, my dress fits 🙂  Matthew and I are going to Indianapolis, IN for our 1 yr anniversary this weekend so I’ll probably wear it to dinner and feel really special.

There are two more blog posts coming soon.  1) how I make guacamole and 2) the apt. tour also found on facebook.  But now I have to go to bed so I’ll be able to wake up for my big girl job.  Night night.


23 05 2009

Whatever was going on with my machine while quilting is now fixed!  I did a lot of different things- 1) Changed the needle plate in case it has spurs thinning out the thread 2) changed to Gutterman thread 3) oiled the whole machine 4) changed the tension to right under 5 instead of right over 5) cleaned out the bobbin case (there was nothing in there) 6) kissed it.  One of those 6 things made my machine able to quilt without breaking thread!

Last night, we went bowling with some friends.  It was sooooo much fun.  My grandma used to bowl on a league and it brought back memories from going to play with her.  I obviously didn’t pick up on her techniques since I scored 106 and 48.  106 is pretty good but I think it was just luck?  Matt is a really good bowler- it was out first time bowling together- he’s cute.  And we witnessed our friend Wes score his first game over 200.  I would consider him a bowling pro.

i want this

22 05 2009

How funny would it be to have glow-in-the-dark thread?  I want to make a pillow with it.

New dress

22 05 2009

This is my new blog.  I departed from having a blog with my twin sis because it was confusing and I like WordPress.  Matt has a WordPress blog and he converted me over!  He is also my technical genius and helps me figure out computer issues.  Amanda might be guest blogging every now and then, like when she starts using all the sewing skills I taught her.  “Pi” might be a temporary name for the blog.  My initials are TT, written together = the pi sign. 

pi = 3.14159265. and that is all I know about pi.

Hanging out in the kitchen with the new dress

Hanging out in the kitchen with the new dress

Our fridge is boring as is the rest of our apartment.  We started packing our belongings WAY too early and now we have no exciting decorations and lots of things are already in boxes.

The back of the dress is a little funky with the darts, I'm working on fixing it

The back of the dress is a little funky with the darts, I'm working on fixing it

I used the same pattern for this dress as the shirts.  It is really easy and comfortable.  Putting the zipper in totally slipped my mind- oops.  The darts in the back are really weird.  (Amanda, Jaime, Mom: I put a dart in it (two, actually) and I don’t like them.)  Should I take the darts out or make them a little shorter?  I don’t know if they are necessary but I hate ripping stitches (and I misplaced my seam ripper!)

New T's from Hobby Lobby

New T's from Hobby Lobby

The past year I was able to help out with the middle schoolers at church on Wednesday nights.  Middle school is such an awkward age!!!!  It was fun, but since we are moving to Louisville, I can no longer help.  This Wednesday we had ice cream and the kids wrote their goodbye’s on the white board.  One boy said I was a “beastly person” and I’m told that is a compliment!?  Matt and I have learned many new words and phrases from the youth, the are crazy!  They also gave me a sweet Hobby Lobby gift card =)  And that is how I have new fabric and new T’s…and there is still more to come!   The small T was just a cardboard letter but I added a little batting and covered it with fabric.  Isn’t that fabric CUTE?!  It is from my cousin’s grandma’s stash of fabric she gave to me.  There are 2 boxes full of fabric, condensed from 7 boxes.

That’s all for now.  We have a big fun weekend ahead of us!  Dinner and bowling tomorrow night, wedding Saturday, last Sunday at church in Owensboro, and a goodbye lunch with our Sunday School class.  Bittersweet!!

(Not sure why wordpress thinks I’m blogging at 3:51am…)